Attention! Action!

Attention! Action!

Minus 1000 rubles per day for accommodation

Read the terms of our promotion and book your wonderful vacation as soon as possible ▶️

Many have already visited the recreation center "Lesnaya"!
But not everyone knows that Lesnaya is also cozy rooms in hotels and guest houses. 

There are rooms with both one double bed and two single beds.
✔️ The accommodation includes breakfast, a visit to the thermal pool – as a gift!
✔️You can come together or rent the whole hotel in a big company, be next to each other, but each in his own room! 
The rooms have towels, hygiene products, a refrigerator, a potter and a microwave oven on the floor. 
✔️ Next to the hotel and guest house there is its own barbecue area, the use of which is included in the price! 

And now the most important thing is that when booking from October 21 to 31, we give a discount of 1000 rubles per day for room accommodation. You can stay at any time until October 31, 2022.

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The recreation center "Lesnaya" is always ready to receive guests and large groups of tourists, has a large dining and entertainment area. Creating a recreation center, we wanted to present you with a unique and unforgettable trip to the magical Kamchatka, so your vacation will be guaranteed pleasant and comfortable.

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