At our base there is a modern cafe "Kalina Krasnaya", where you can have lunch or organize a celebration. The cafe has a cozy bar, and in the spacious hall, stylized in a classic style, it is pleasant to spend time for lunch or dinner.

Classic tables and chairs, as well as the hospitable atmosphere of the cafe has friendly meetings and gives a good mood. You will feel at home, and your guests will be satisfied. Our restaurant service will allow you to stay satisfied with your vacation. The cafe staff is happy to welcome visitors and will offer popular dishes from the menu.

The cafe always has fresh restaurant food with an emphasis on healthy food and European style. We will offer dishes made from organic products, including grilled or baked in the oven. Our assortment will please you with a variety and exquisite design. You will have a pleasant and delicious time with us.

In "Kalina Krasnaya" you can organize a corporate meeting, celebration, banquet or other festive event. We are ready to discuss the banquet menu, and make your stay an unforgettable pleasure. On the summer site of the cafe, it is pleasant to have lunch under the sounds of nature .

Clean air away from noisy roads will set you up for a pleasant pastime with family or close friends. We are happy to provide tourists with rest and decent food on the territory of the base. It is important to us that the recreation center "Lesnaya" gives you a pleasant experience.